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Match Report

NERF Junior Premier League

Hythe & Dibden Youth FC U12’sVsAldershot Town Football Club U12’s

6 Oliver Miell
Oliver Miell
Leo Ryves
Harley Daish
Archie O'donovan
Adam Larmond
2 Horatio Fowler
Dexter Wilkes-green

Match Report

A well supported match this morning from both teams for the second JPL cup game at Applemore. The game started evenly for both teams as the game flowed from one end to the other with the players playing some good passing up and down the pitch. A well worked piece of play from Hythe, did see them have the ball in the net but was well ruled off side by the lines man. Aldershot from this point put some pressure on the Hythe team and were also unlucky not to score from a couple of good chances from Adam Larmond but also some good defending denied him the first goal.With about 20 minutes gone the first goal came with the ball being passed around from the back of the Hythe team where it was finally put through the middle for Ollie for him to calmly score from just inside the penalty area.

With confidence of the goal, Hythe started to control the end of the first half, the pressing from Hythe and the good goalkeeping and defending from Aldershot showed some very good qualities from both teams. The pressing did pay off for Hythe who managed to win back the ball from a Aldershot clearance for Ollie again to be one-on-one with the keeper where he took the shot to make the score 2-0. The final 5 minutes of the half end well for Aldershot who took the game to Hythe and managed a sustained attack but where unable to break through the defence and the half ended 2-0.

The beginning of the second half started in the same way as the first, the ball being played well from end to end. Leo Ryves took the first half chance to score with the ball being cleared well from the Aldershot defence only as far as the edge of the penalty area where Leo took the shot to score well, Charlie Byne was unlucky not save the goal who only saw the ball late but he was unable to reach it.

Straight from the kick off Aldershot pressed Hythe back again into the own half to win a corner, with set piece taken well, Horatio Fowler took his chance to beat the Hythe keeper to bring them there first goal. With the pace of the game stepping up Hythe continued to push forward and press the Aldershot team when in possession of the ball, when Aldershot had the chance they too where pressing forward and were denied a goal from a well played movement but Charlie Fry was well place to make a good save of a goal bound ball.

From a run made by Archie O’Donovan down the left side, the ball was crossed into the Aldershot area where it was glanced on by Adam Larmond to the far post for Harley Daish the head the ball down back passed the keeper to slot into the bottom corner of the goal.

Aldershot’s team playing continued after the goal where they where moving the ball well across the pitch, it finally came through to Dexter Wilkes-Green who took a well taken looping goal over the Hythe keeper for there second goal.

Hythe for the final period of the game where unfortunate not to score a number of goals as they continued to press, Ollie from the kick off after the last goal pressed the Aldershot midfield to win the ball but saw his shot go wide, Charlie Byne was again being tested this time by Yuvraj Lander shot but it was very welled saved. The Aldershot defence stood up well for a number of chances more from Hythe but some good one-two play in the middle of the pitch from Ollie and Adam finally opened for Ollie to score his third goal of the match. With game coming to an end Aldershot were again being pressed hard but were confining Hythe to shots from distance with Leo coming close to his second goal but denied by the cross bar. One-two game play between Ollie and Archie on the left again produced the final goal of the game for Archie O’Odonovan to beat the keeper to sneak in the ball to the far post to concluded the final score 6-2.

We wish Aldershot all the best for the remaining cup games and the league over the coming months and would welcome them back and there supporters in the future.

Home Team

No Name Goals Y R
1 Charlie Fry (GK)
3 Luke Blackman
7 Charlie Cox
4 Ethan Hartness
10 Yuvraj Landa
99 Adam Larmond 1
14 Archie O'donovan 1
11 Harley Daish 1
18 Leo Ryves
88 Blin Hoxha
17 Oliver Miell
9 Brandon Pester

Away Team

No Name Goals Y R
1 Charlie Byne (GK)
14 Valentino Clima
12 Rufus Boardman
15 Joshua Gates
3 Jamie Jackson
11 Samuel Garofalo
9 Jack O'donnell
10 Sammy Bristow
5 Jack Lewin
16 Marco Underwood
19 Horatio Fowler
4 Reggie Daniels
6 Dexter Wilkes-green
17 Alexander Channer

Match details

Competition: League
Periods Of Play: 4 periods of 20 Minutes
Match Format: 11 v 11
Surface: 3G
Match Venue: Applemore College, Applemore College Roman Road Dibden Purlieu Southampton Hampshire, SO45 4RQ, Show On Map

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