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Reporting Discrimination


We all have a responsibility to step up and blow the whistle on discrimination. 

Discrimination of any kind has no place in football. That’s the same whether on the pitch or on the sidelines, at the training ground or in the stands. You must tell the appropriate authorities about it so they can act promptly and respond appropriately.

Depending on the setting where discrimination occurs, there are different ways to report it.

• The Grassroots Game -

• Social Media -

But there’s one common denominator. If you’ve seen or heard abuse, we need you to report it. That way it can be tackled swiftly to not only change our game for the better but also lead the pace of change outside football.  We understand that may well lead to an increase in the number of cases that are investigated, but it is diligence in reporting that helps us all to take steps forward.

As a general guide, if you’ve been the victim of or witnessed an incident of discrimination in the grassroots game, disability game, women\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s pyramid, and The National League System, you can report it to:

• Kick It Out through their online reporting form or via their reporting app available on both iOS and Android. Alternatively, email Kick It Out at

But please refer to specific ways of reporting on the linked pages below.

You can read about our wider anti-discrimination strategy – A Game For ALL – here, or download it from ‘Useful resources’ at the foot of this page. Also downloadable are documents forming our charging policy and sanctioning framework around discrimination.


Discriminatory abuse can be a negative reference to any one or more of the following protected characteristics, which form part of The FA E3.2 ruling: 

• Disability
• Gender reassignment
• Race
• Ethnic origin
• Colour 
• Nationality
• Religion and belief
• Sex (gender)
• Sexual orientation